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We present you the BJ STEEL F1 Hydraulic Pedalboard from the Steel family by BJ Simracing, the latest product to be added to our catalog.

It is made from 3mm thick satin-finished stainless steel for unmatched strength and features an 8mm diameter stem to hold the throttle spring down.

Gas: Assemble a magnetic hall system without friction or wear.
Brake: Assemble an authentic hydraulic system with a Wilwood slave cylinder and pump for the true feel of a real brake.
Clutch: Like the gas pedal, a magnetic Hall sensor system is mounted without friction or wear.

It has the following rules:

Pedal travel adjustment
Pedal height adjustment
Adjusting the incline of the pedals
Adjusting the spring preload of the accelerator pedal, brake
Adjustment of the throttle hardness
All pedalboards of the BJ Steel family are equipped with 16-bit electronics from Leo Bodnar, which offer a resolution of 65,000 steps. Depending on the configuration, more than 50,000 are used in the brake and more than 20,000 in the gas and clutch.

If you want to buy your pedalboard with the BJ Simracing Universal Base (Pedal Plate), you will need to select it from the drop-down list in the top right corner

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