Cube Controls GT X USB Blue 4 Paddles

Take your Grand Tourer experience to a new level with the GT-X. The GT-X steering wheel is the flagship of our GT collection and the result of dedicated ergonomic research with its fully bespoke steering rim, improved precision and improved tactile feedback. With backlit buttons and a 4.3-inch full-color LCD. 100% pure carbon fiber. CNC aluminum main body, buttons and joystick. Optional additional paddle set.


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  • 4.3 inch full color LCD screen with fully customizable layout and PC configuration utility
  • Scratch-resistant display glass
  • User configurable backlit buttons, each can be individually set to off, flashing, flashing backward, locking
  • In-software configuration for clutch and gear lever
  • Handle-to-handle wheel diameter 30 cm
  • Handle maximum diameter, 42mm
  • USB port with straight back
  • 9 specially made, briefly illuminated buttons
  • 4 custom specifications for front rotary encoders
  • 2 custom specifications thumb rotary encoders
  • Multi-directional joystick with integrated encoder
  • Completely redesigned zero-play short-throw shift paddle without a shift lever with adjustable stop ends, ball bearings and improved tactile feedback
  • Start the control clutch system with stiffer springs on the clutch levers
  • Optional additional paddle set
  • Custom and bespoke ergonomic steering wheel rim, high quality suede packaging
  • Carbon fiber main plate
  • CNC machined billet aluminum main body
  • All aluminum parts are CNC machined and anodized
  • Wheel hub compatible with all quick release hubs (3 screws, 1 inch and 70 mm PCD)
  • Passive Y-splitter USB extension cable
  • Weight: 1675gr
  • VR friendly
  • Compatible with Thrustmaster, Logitech, AccuForce, Fanatec and SimuCube 1 & 2

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