Cube Controls GT Pro Sparco Wireless

Experience the latest wireless suede steering wheel GT Pro Sparco. Improved tactile feedback precision, no conditions that set you free. Battery life up to 40 / h. Charge it at any time using the USB cable provided for this purpose. With integrated Simucube radio module. Backlit keys. Magnetic paddle. Improved materials. 100% carbon front panel. Basic electronics.


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  • Built with Sparco, P310, suede steering wheel, 310 mm diameter
  • Proprietary bespoke tactile button assembly
  • Improved button guards
  • Electronics with integrated Simucube radio module
  • 6 momentary buttons, two on / off toggle switches with status LED
  • 45 ° recharge port
  • Backlit keys
  • 2 front rotary encoders, two thumb rotary encoders
  • Zero play short throw paddle with special magnetic switch and switchless gear lever
  • Carbon fiber front panel
  • All aluminum parts are CNC machined and anodized
  • Wheel hub compatible with all quick release hubs (3 screws, 1 inch and 70 mm PCD)
  • 1500mAh LiPo battery, up to 40 operating hours
  • Integrated charging electronics, simply charge them with the dedicated USB cable whenever you want, even while driving
  • Connection and battery status LEDs (blue when charging, purple when charging, red in the event of a power failure)
  • On / Off button on the back of the wheel


  • Fits easily to your Simucube base. No lag with external “stubby” antenna
  • VR friendly
  • Compatible only with Simucube wireless bases

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